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January 12, 2018 - The Jung Society’s latest author’s evening featured Leah Friedman, speaking about her most recent book, The Unexpected Adventure of Growing Old. More than 40 people came out in the cold to hear her. They were graced with Leah’s inspiring, compassionate presence as she shared some of the wisdom and deep understanding developed through her eighty-nine years. In the most creative introduction ever given at a Jung Society event, Leah’s longtime friend, analyst Rose Holt, communicated the results of an I Ching she had cast, asking how best to introduce Leah! For many years, Rose and Leah’s involvement with the Jung Society has been an inestimable gift. Thank you, beautiful “perennials!”


Nov. 10, 2017 - Author's Evening with Wendy Sarno: The event was very well attended and everyone enjoyed Wendy's presentation of her latest book and her process creating it. She shared her journey with writing, poems, photos, and stories of her travels. She magnificently described the unique nature places that spoke to her soul with many lasting gifts.


October 5-8, 2017 - Jung in the Heartland Conference: “Memories, Dreams, Sensualities”
A multisensory conference of speaker presentations, essay contest winners, discussions, music, dance, singing, along with available massages and art journaling all created meaningful experiences and a community feeling the 'Eros of Understanding'. Many expressed their appreciation of a well organized, varied conference experience, the magnificent nature environment and the comfortable accomodations of King's House, all part of creating a meaningful rich experience.


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October 4, 2017 - Lionel Corbett facilitated a colloquium: "Suffering and Evil from a Depth Psychological Perspective"
Dr. Corbett presented ways to find meaning in suffering, times when suffering can be seen as an initiatory process into a new level of consciousness, and the process of radical acceptance of suffering in situations in which it cannot be changed. He also discussed some of the traditional spiritual approaches to suffering and contrasted these with a psychological approach. The Program ended with attendees' case presentations with discussion of the vital role of the witness when helping others who suffer. Many expressed their appreciation of the presentation along with the shared ideas, insights, and discussions.



September 24, 2017 - Dedication of bench at the library in Washington, MO, by Rod and Anne Johnson family.

Friends and family of Rod and Anne Johnson gathered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, September 24, 2017, to dedicate a bench, designed and made by the their son, Dan, for the entrance of the public library in Washington, Missouri, where the family has lived for some years. The dedication ceremony was conducted by Holly Schmitt, daughter of Rod and Anne.

Holly’s son, Tim, played guitar and sang for the occasion. Rod and Anne have been long time supporters of the Jung Society, and now their daughter Holly is an active supporter. When Rod and Anne moved from their Webster Groves home to Washington some years ago, they donated much of their extensive library to the Jung Society.

Below are photos Holly Schmitt with parents, Rodney and Anne Johnson,
and bench with plaque dedicated to “Lover of Libraries”.

August 11, 2017 - Ken Clayton, M.A. Communication, video engineer presented some very interesting background information on John Ford, Director of the movie "Stagecoach" which was shown and discussed. He also presented archetype images in many of John Ford's films as well as many Western films. A delicious variety of dishes were provided by the attendees and greatly enjoyed along with lively discussions during the supper. The Free event was well attended and many positive comments were expressed appreciating the program.


Sheldon Culver, D.D., M.Div, and Jungian Analyst gave a noteworthy presentation to a sold out event Friday, June 9. Her topic was "The Heart of Jung: How the Red Book Challenges and Changes Jungian Work." She gave the audience a handout of historical dates and events along with presenting more details of relationships and events that effected Dr. Carl Jung's work including the Red Book. The audience became more conscious of their own work with Sheldon Culver's thoroughly researched presentation which was demonstrated further with the many questions and reflections offered following the lecture. It was obvious our community greatly enjoyed the lecture and sharing time together.


The May 20th Jung Society Friends' Night was very meaningful for those attending. Julie Schulte led the group by speaking about the book that drew her to Jung at a critical period in her life, and others followed, sharing their books and the times in their lives when they experienced crucial stepping stones toward Jungian consciousness and the St. Louis Jung Society. Everyone seemed to appreciate the open hearted evening of shared stories and delicious refreshments. Rose Holt was recognized for her many years of service as analyst advisor to the Jung Society board of directors and for all that she has contributed and generated. She was honored with a perennial scholarship in her name to the Jung in the Heartland Conference and a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. It had to be a surprise, as Rose does not like to be the focus on attention! Many people expressed the profound effects they have experienced in knowing Rose and being encouraged by her belief in them. Be sure to become a Friend or keep your Friend's subscription current to be included in next year's festive gathering!


April 7-8, 2017 - Mary Dougherty, Jungian Analyst, and faculty member at the Chicago Jung Institute presented a lecture Friday, April 7 and a workshop Saturday, April 8. Her lecture focused on the impetus for creativity. She used "Universal Hotel," a film created by her late husband, Peter Thompson, to illustrate how dreams, images, active imagination, synchronicity, and the process of individuation operate consciously and unconsciously in the creative process. She presented a short lecture, showed the film and then led a discussion.

In her workshop, she led participants through an experiential exercise using journal writing, active imagination and artwork. She provided art paper and pastels to everyone. She then gave writing prompts, asked everyone to journal and then instructed participants to draw with eyes closed. Finally, she led the group through an active imagination exercise. Many found it to be very self illuminating.


March 10, 2017 - Ruth Meyer, LCSW, former Jung Board Member and longtime Jung Society member gave an impressive presentation to a full house on the history of AA and the development of the 12 Steps along with the contribution of Dr. Carl Jung. She presented the history with many details of names and dates adding the 'synchronicity' instrumental in the development of AA and the twelve steps. She spoke of the significant contribution of Dr. Carl Jung who was in communication with the people developing the program and his adding a crucial part to the recovery process. The lecture was taped and will be available for sale. The taping was careful to keep confidentiality of questions and audience participation. Photos were only taken of board members and staff for the event keeping this confidentiality of audience in mind.


February 17-19, 2017 - The St. Louis Jung Society was proud to sponsor the sold out premier performances of the play "Casting Shadows", Feb. 17-19, 2017, written by former Board member and longtime Society member, Carol Haake. Many people worked diligently to accomplish this success. Rose Holt, Jungian Analyst and former Board Advisor was a dedicated mentor to Carol Haake and the Premier performance of the Play.

The following quote from Rose, included in a report to the Board, beautifully conveys the importance of this project:

"This whole play production project, from vague idea to accomplished reality, is itself an example of a fundamental principle of Jungian Psychology. That principle: There are forces at work in us and in the world beyond those of simple cause and effect. Plentiful evidence suggests that when something is to be fulfilled in the future, a gathering of forces—particular people, talents, materials, resources, places, events—converge to insure that fulfillment. Human intention and discernment are critical to insuring any fulfillment is of a benign nature."

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February 17, 2017- Opening night for Casting Shadows. All three performances were sold out!


 February 13, 2017 - Cast and crew for Casting Shadows prep and rehearse for this weekend's performances!


Avis Clendenen, Ph.D. gave impressive media presentions and lectures at her events Friday and Saturday Oct. 14 & 15, 2016. She overviewed her extensive research and ideas from her book on Hildegard of Bingen and Dr. Carl Jung. Although their lives were centuries apart, she outlined interesting parallels in their lives and experiences. Dr. Clendenen is well known for her multisensory media presentations of her research along with her lectures inspiring thought provoking ideas and discussions. Part of our St. Louis Jung Society mission is to promote and offer experiences that enlarge 'consciousness' as this is an important part of the 'individuation' lifelong journey toward 'wholeness'. We are grateful to Avis for creating enlarging consciousness experiences at her events.



September 9, 2016: Through film clips, photos, and a bit of music, Pam Behnen gave a well attended and appreciated lecture on our relationships with the Atticus Finch of "To Kill A Mockingbird", looking at him as an archetypal image in the collective consciousness, and how that image served to motivate change. She gave us questions to ponder on what the shattering of Atticus' image in the 2015 book 'Go Set a Watchman' might mean to us as readers, as students of Jung, and as members of a society struggling to look squarely at the shadow of racism as it continues today. She asked "What might it mean to Go Set A Watchman in the 21st century?"


September 10, 2016: Celebrating Deborah Stutsman’s graduation from the Chicago Jung Institute Analyst Training Program. Deborah was President of the C.G. Jung Society of St. Louis from 2003 until 2009.

Deborah Stutsman receives her Diploma from Steve Martz, President of the Chicago Association of Jungian Analysts, and Arlo Compaan, Director of the Analyst Training Program.

 On July 15-16, 2016, Gary Sparks, Jungian Analyst presented a thought provoking Friday lecture and Saturday workshop further illuminating his research including involving attendees analyzing dreams and discussing with whole group. His programs' title: "Where does your Flower Grow?" presented his research on the patterns in History profiled in Toynbee and Jung works with timely questions to examine.



On Thursday, June 29, 2016
, Wilson West, coordinator for The Chapel Theater hosted some of the group preparing for production of Carol Haake’s play, “Casting Shadows,” at the Chapel Theater next February. Group members attending were: Sandy Cooper, president of the C.G. Jung Society; Society board members, Julie Schulte, Peter van Arsdale, and Rose Holt; the playwright, Carol Haake; the play director, Susie Bradley; and Don Weseman, director for set design. The theater is a warm and welcoming place, just the kind of space this play calls for. “Casting Shadows” is about the full flowering of the personality of a woman who is called to become the heroine of her own life in a decidedly conscious way. For the C.G. Jung Society of St. Louis, this play is a new avenue for promoting the concepts of Jungian Psychology and its emphasis on consciousness and individual development.

SAVE THE DATE: “Casting Shadows,” performances on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, February 17, 18, and 19, 2017. The Chapel Theater, 6238 Alexander Drive, St. Louis, MO 63105


April 8, 2016, Dr. Kay Tomlinson presented on the 'Imaginal', and captivated a large audience for her event. Her stories and illustrations with her varied experiences and research on the 'Imaginal' provided an in depth understanding of the topic. She provided interesting examples of exploring the 'imaginal' with notebooks and dreams comparing experiences Jung illuminated with the 'Red Book'. Many attendees expressed interest in her offering a study group on the topic in the future.


March 11-12, 2016 The Martha Sue (Spreitler) Boaz Memorial Lecture given by Dr. Christine Downing on 'Sisters: Outer and Inner, Mythic and Archetype' on Mar. 11 followed by a Saturday, Mar. 12 workshop was well attended by our community. Dr. Downing gave an illuminating lecture on 'Sisters' Friday night. The Saturday workshop was spent working with personal reflective writing on questions posed by Dr. Downing with voluntary sharing with the group for further discussion. it was a deep appreciative meaningful experience for many who attended the events.


January 29, 2016: Rose Holt, Jungian Analyst, gave an illuminating lecture on 'An approach to the Dream' which included an insightful list of hypothoses to consider when approaching the Dream. The audience was captivated with her knowledge and experience while she presented the material, as well as providing wonderfully astute feedback to the many questions and personal experiences provided by those attending. She has posted the entire lecture including the points she compiled from her research and experience on her Blog ( The lecture is also available for purchase on DVD and CD, and includes free shipping.



Fall/Winter, 2015: Study Groups are a valuable resource, continuing to enrich Society members as they plumb the depths of Jung’s psychology. This photo is from Rose Holt's group "Readings in Jung - Psychology and Religion".

September 10-13, 2015: From one of the participants, here is how the magic of the 4th conference happened:
       "First, there was the very subject of the retreat, THE ALTAR OF THE EARTH, which invites reverence and holding. Next, the opening exercises in the chapel brought us into sacred space. Asking each of us to identify ourselves and our reason for being there created a sense of community.
        Because of the smaller number of conferees, we were afforded many opportunities to converse with the same person over the four days, giving us a chance to know each person more deeply and with greater appreciation. The presenters - Mary, Monika , and Belden - all modeled for us how to live below the neck and connect with the heart. The art exhibition added a new dimension to the conference, providing additional space where people could have conversations.
        There is no way to weigh any of these aspects, but put together they created a magical and spiritual Brigadoon. It felt like a taste of heaven."


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Spring, 2015: Study Groups are a valuable resource, continuing to enrich Society members as they plumb the depths of Jung’s psychology. These photos are from the last meeting of "Revising Your Life Story," facilitated by Carol Haake. We are gathered around a fire pit in Nancy Kibben's yard after have completed a fire ceremony.


April 10-11, 2015: The concept of myth took on richly expanded meaning in Dr. Slattery's lecture. In the next day's workshop, he invited participants to four thirty minute "riting" exercises, which were deeply meaningful to everyone as the "riters" chose to share them. Thank you, Dennis, for creating the container in which participants were able to access and express parts of the personal myth within which their lives are unfolding.


March 20-21, 2015: Dr. Stephen Aizenstat discussed Dream Tending, his unique approach to dream work. He reminded us that the dream is alive and to notice "who is visiting." In traditional Jungian dream work, one associates, amplifies, then animates. Dream Tending begins with animation, and on Saturday, we were treated to a demonstration.


February 13-15, 2015: Blending his roots in Edinger with body-awarness, Dr. Donald Kalsched gave a thoroughly fascinating look into Trauma and the Soul. We were so pleased to see many out-of-towners make their way to St. Louis for this wonderful weekend. Thank you, Dr. Kalsched! 



Friday, December 05, 2014: Rose Holt did a masterful job of working through some of Jung's more challenging concepts, bringing them to light in such a way that the group attended were inspired to ask wonderfully thought-provoking questions. A paraphrase of Heinrich Zimmer via Joseph Campbell speaks to the evening's experience. "The best things cannot be told, the second best are misunderstood. After that comes civilized conversation; after that, mass indoctrination; after that, intercultural exchange. And so, proceeding, we come to the problem of communication: the opening, that is to say, of one's own truth and depth to the depth and truth of another in such a way as to establish an authentic community of existence.” Rose walked a fine line between the ineffable and conceivable, guiding us through Jung’s experience, what lead him to his theories, and how those reveal the personality through our existence. Bravo, Rose! 


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